The Study

Each project is a beginning based on all previous experience. Taking as a premise the requirements and characteristics of each client, we propose a solution that responds to all their needs and provides added value.

Each proposal is unique and is adapted to the needs of our clients, the location, climate, budget, etc., developing with maximum involvement from the first ideas to the completion of the work. The process can range from the foundation to the smallest interior details, including the design of unique elements such as furniture, lamps, etc.

In addition to architectural and design quality, our work focuses on achieving maximum energy efficiency, through the development of passive house architecture criteria and the use of renewable energies and high-performance installations. This achieves an optimal level of comfort with minimum energy consumption. Our goal is the construction of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB).

We are acquainted with sustainable materials and both traditional and industrialized construction techniques.

We have experience in the design and construction of buildings with energy certification A both in new construction and in rehabilitation and we have also designed and built passive houses (Passive House).

Ignacio Romera, architect by the ETSAB, is Passive House Designer, by the Passivhaus Institut of Darmstadt.

We have experience in design and construction with industrialized systems with wooden structures, which optimize work deadlines and quality, in addition to the environmental sustainability they provide.

Joan Soria, technical architect, is a specialist in calculating wooden, metal and reinforced concrete structures.

The combination of a good architectural design and high energy efficiency should not be something contradictory, but we propose a symbiosis of both concepts, which provides a substantial improvement in the quality of life and the environment. We put Architecture at the service of people, adding value and optimizing budgets and available means.


Our team has extensive experience in project development and construction management. In addition, we have collaborating professionals (architects, engineers, landscapers, decorators, lawyers, surveyors…) to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients according to the specific requirements of each project.

We are specialists in energy efficiency and Passive House Design

Sustainable construction and with industrialized systems with wood.

In addition to drafting architecture and engineering projects and construction management, our studio facilitates all the necessary procedures related to real estate and urban and rustic properties, such as:

Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE)

Technical certificates and expert reports

Preliminary qualification reports for buildings under the special regime on rustic land in Menorca (ERE)

Energy-consumption certificate

Urban, or town-planning, certification

Report on livability

  • Inspección Técnica de Edificios (ITE)
  • Certificados técnicos y peritaciones
  • Informes de viabilidad
  • Informes previos de calificación de edificios en régimen especial en suelo rústico en Menorca (ERE)
  • Cédulas y certificados de habitabilidad
  • Certificados energéticos
  • Certificados urbanístico

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